px to rem conversion

Conversion table from pixels to rem units for 16px root <html> font size: html { font-size: 16px; } {: .uk-table .uk-table-divider} px rem 10px 0.625rem 11px 0.6875rem 12px 0.75rem 13px 0.8125rem 14px 0.875rem 15px 0.9375rem 16px 1rem 17px 1.0625rem 18px 1.125rem 19px 1.1875rem 20px 1.25rem 21px 1.3125rem 22px 1.375rem 23px 1.4375rem 24px 1.5rem 25px 1.5625rem 26px 1.625rem 27px 1.6875rem 28px 1.75rem 29px 1.8125rem 30px 1.875rem 31px 1.9375rem 32px 2rem 33px 2.


Web Developer Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet saves me from learning by heart commands for all the different tools and task runners used in web development. Npm Install Node.js curl -sL | sudo -E bash - sudo apt-get install -y nodejs Node comes with npm installed so you should have a version of npm. However, npm gets updated more frequently than Node does, so you’ll want to make sure it’s the latest version.

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